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How to rebroadcast FCN TV signal?

Can I obtain from Family Christian Network an authorization for rebroadcasting its signal?

Yes, if you are interested in rebroadcasting FCN’s signal we will provide you the corresponding Authorization, in agreement with the signal television’s international legislations. That authorization must be signed by the interested company and FCN.

What information do you request from my Company to extend the Authoriztion and to be parto t FCN’s database?

Name of the Company
Legal Representative
Contact Person Info
Accurate Address
Zip/Postal Code
Coverage Area
You may send the information to:

What is the signal available language?

The signal is available in Spanish language.

Form which satellite can I pull down Family Christian Network signal?

Our signal can be pulled down from INTELSAT 9 satellite (prior Panamsat 9).

What is the equipment I need to rebroadcast the signal?

Parabolic Antenna directed to INTELSAT 9 satellite; a modulator and a decoder (receptor) DVB. In case your company would not have the decoder FCN will give you one on loan. The loan agreement must be signed by your Company.

Which are the parameters (technical information) to obtain the satellite signal?

Satellite Intelsat 9

Pull Down Frecuency

4,136 MHZ Horizontal
Symbol Rate 2,941
VID PID = 33
AUD PID = 36
PCR PID = 33
Format NTSC, In the clear

How much should I pay to obtain the signal?

Regarding this issue please call Alexa Chavarría or Cindy Chavarría form FCN Distribution Department and they will be informing you about the requested details.

Important Note: It is necessary that before you start our signal rebroadcast, you must contact FCN Distribution Department, the info is as follows:
Contacts: Alexa Chavarría or Cindy Chavarría
Telephones: (506) 2209-8000/ 8016/ 8008


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