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What is Fcn Presenta?

It is a very dynamic television show about controversial Biblical themes that edifies the faith in God, promoting the Great Commission of our Lord Dear Baby Jesus broadcasting also Christian songs that exalt God. It has also been a Presentation Card of Family Christian Network Group’s Vision.

Who participate in it?

International leaders from different countries, converge in the program endeavoring to carry the Christ-Centered message.

How can the viewers participate?

The objective of FCN presenta show is our viewers. They can reach us letting us know their thoughts using three different communication means:
- Telephone 506 2209 8000
- P.O. Box FCN PRESENTA. Apartado 60-2020 Zapote-San José Costa Rica
- Email:

Where is FCN presenta show recorded?

In the Internacional Foro #2, Family Christian Network Group en La Aurora de Heredia City, Costa Rica.

What is the address?

Condominio Tierra uno, edicio 20, in front of Global Park, La Aurora de Heredia

Can our audience come and see how the shows are recorded?

Of course, it World be a honor that you could be on the recording of the shows. You may call on Mondays or Tuesdays to the Network main line (Tel. 22098000) and let us know that you would be in the International Foro. We record Wednesdays starting 8:00 AM.

What religious line you follow during the show?

Christ-Centered, joined to the urgency of carrying the salvation message of Jesus through all the nations.

Why is it called a window of FCN?

The show is used also to present the Christ-Centered vision of FCN group in the Ameritas and Africa through the radio, television, record label and others.

Do you give personalized answers to the comments, questions or prayer requests that the viewers send?

Dr. Ernesto Cary and Ronald Díaz gives personalized attention to every single phone call, letter or email that reaches us.

What has given FCN presenta so much strength in all the nations?

There are several answers:
- The clear Biblical teachings based on the Word of God.
- The dynamic spiritual ministration manifested by the Holy Spirit in the midst of the shows.
- The testimonies of thousands of viewers that give honor to God because of what they have received through FCN presenta, like deliverance, healing or a real encounter with Jesus the Lord.

Is FCN presenta a teological show?

No, it is not, but using the Word of God we use part of it.

Are the invites well known internationally?

Sometimes we have guests who are leaders that may be not well known but they have a deep relationship with God, a very practice Christ-Centered message for these actual days. The rest are well known through Latin America and the rest of the World also because of their deep relationship with God and closeness to the Word of The Lord.



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