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What is Proyecto 151?

Proyecto 151 is our record label, where the contribution of the radio and television will allow us to give the best option among the music industry to those who become part or this project.

Where is Proyecto 151 located?

Part of Proyecto 151 facilities are located in North Carolina US; this is one of the most modern and equipped regional recording studios.
Costa Rica is the place where Proyecto 151 headquarters are; where we also own a recording studio and record bands and singers who belong to this record label.

Who works in Proyecto 151?

The personnel working in this record label has great experience either in the US or Costa Rica, they have a wide experience in the music industry and that guarantees that our productions are achieved in high quality.

Which are the artists who belong to this record label?

Sheep, Tony Moncada, Lilly Obang, Zila and Aliento de Vida.

How can I be part of Proyecto 151?

If you have a musical talent, if you sing good, if you compose music; you can send us your material via email to: or to the P.O. Box 602020 Zapote. We continue in the search of talents who exalt the name of our Lord Jesus.

How can I communicate with Proyecto 151?

Write us an e.mail to: or to the P.O. Box 602020 Zapote; or call us: (506) 2209-800.



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