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FCN Recording & Proyecto 151

Family Christian Network develops by spreading the good news of salvation throughout nations. Music at FCN has become the tool to which we can reach those who are not familiar with the prowess of the living God.

The creation of our own record studio and the backing of the record label “Proyecto 151”, opens doors as a way to announce with excellence and effectiveness that God exists and he is changing the world.

Due to “Proyecto 151”, musicians, composers, and artists will have the opportunity to present their gifts and talents to the world.

Family Christian Network Recording Studio located in North Carolina, US, is one of the most modern and well equipped studio in the region. The novel design of the building, the highly skilled technical staff, and most elite technical equipment; allow for the highest quality sound recording.

The world is hungry and thirsty for the truth and that is why Family Christian Network, Proyecto 151, and Family Christian Network Recording Studio are opening doors for you to be part of our great family.  

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