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Family Christian Network trespasses borders, languages and cultures by sending its signal to all corners of the world.

Family Christian Network is a communication medium, which is concerned with becoming for the world a window to look in.

We display and broadcast programs of relative interest that instruct, guide, and build our viewers. All our shows that are aired are meant to support the integral growth of people.

The rapid development of Family Christian Network, the use of high-end technology, highly qualified personnel and extensive facilities, have allowed us to produce and transmit national and international events of great importance.

Our technical resources distinguish us. We have the most advanced technology in digital audio and video, and a fully equipped mobile, which allows all our production to achieve a seal of high quality.

The scope and coverage provided by satellite INTELSAT 9 and the internet have allowed us to make our presence known around the world. Today an increasing number of cable television companies are pulling down our signal.

The commitment is towards our audience, whom sit in front of the TV screen everyday to receive words of encouragement and a glimpse of hope amid the darkness.

Family Christian Network
Together Uniting the World



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